Women Care Center

    Women Care Center was founded to help people who are battling drug abuse and those ageing with Dementia and Alzheimer\s. We focus on those areas of society that need attention from health professionals. Whether it be females or males we  support them equle

    Our Mission

    is to work with women and families affected by drug use to improve their knowledge health social-economic well-being & provide access to essential services.


    Women Care center was born in order to help the old age people of our society. We focus on those areas of our society that need attention from health professionals. Whether it be females or males we support them equally.

    Women care center have highly experienced Doctors ,Psychiatric ,Psychologist ,Sociologist and Nursing Staff

    Women Care Center is not expensive so everyone can facilitate easily.

    Women Care Center organize workshops where we give sessions and discuss all other things.

    Women Care Center Providing Different Services of PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT AND REHABILITATION CENTRE

    Highly doctors are available for your healthy life.

    Experienced Psychiatrist for your mental health

    Well professional psychologist staff for Tender Gender Caring


    Medicare clinic are divided into departments to bring the best cure quality
    • Clinical Psychologist
      Ms. Nida Tahir

      Designation: Sr.Clinical Psychologist /Incharge client affairs Contact:+92 312 4144489

    • Clinical Psychologist
      Ms Amna Ijaz

      Designation: Clinical Psychologist (evening) Contact:+92 312 4144489

    • Clinical Psychologist
      Ms. Arooj Shahbaz

      Designation: Clinical Psychologist (morning) Contact:+92 312 4144489


    Rehab can be a scary topic. Here are some frequently asked questions about rehab to give a better insight into the decision to get treatment.

    Rehab or rehabilitation is a structured program or facility where those addicted to drugs or alcohol can get treatment to stop using substances.

    There are a variety of levels of care associated with rehab treatment. The type of rehab needed will depend on the individual needs of the patient. Typically, patients enter detox where 24/7 medically supervised monitoring occurs to help individuals overcome the side effects associated with withdrawal. From there, patients may enter an inpatient or residential program where they will reside on site and receive continued monitoring, treatment, and therapy. The patient may then enter an outpatient program where the patient can go to treatment “part-time” and return home everyday after treatment is completed.

    Currently WCC providing drug treatment and rehabilitation services exclusively for the females. In this regard it is
    10 bedded female drug treatment and rehabilitation is established which is providing a comprehensive structured
    drug rehabilitation services.

    WCC rehab-I is an indoor treatment facility which provides a structured rehabilitation program base on a holistic
    approach. At WCC rehab-I we believe that helping a client, understand the process of addiction, helps in enabling how
    to see via she made certain choices and how in future she can make different and better choices. We also help clients
    identifying better choices for improved quality of life.
    We are committed to provide a clean, healthy and compassionate learning environment, where trained staff help and
    guide each individual to take charge of their lives.

    Almost all the staff working at WCC rehab are females. At WCC rehab-I treatment program is run by highly
    experienced, trained and qualified professionals. There is a team of psychiatrists, doctors and psychologists
    supported by full-time female nursing staff and other support staff

    WCC rehab-I provides drug treatment only for females. The drug dependent female should be adult and self-motivated
    for the treatment. Admission at WCC rehab-I can be refused on goals of severe medical, psychiatric and any other
    issues which can interpret in her treatment. Admission is provided after the trough assessment of the above.

    WCC rehab-I is a non-profitable organization. For the sustainability of the services community and client donation is
    encouraged. According to the affordability and duration of the client treatment charges are subsidize and also
    according to the availability of the funds.


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