Nasreen Javed Khan

My story begins with raising voice against injustice. I experienced violence, coercion and injustice from my close concern. From very early stage of my life I decided to struggle against it. I saw women suffering as wife, sister, daughter and even as mother. I understand this reality from the very beginning that the society we are living in, is gender biased society. A long history of experiencing unfair behavior at all levels from most of the opposite gender lead me towards the path of continuous struggle against this bias.

At this difficult road of life Allah blessed me with good friends and best teachers who remained my support. Beside a big asset of friends and teachers I have literature, history and religion as my guide. My struggle for my cause brought me very close to Allah Almighty. During my learning process, I came to know how kind Allah is towards humanity and especially towards women. Whenever I felt sadness, bitterness, uneasiness etc. I always talk to Allah Almighty and he always replies and guides me to the right path. During my student life I committed myself that whenever I get the chance to do something for my gender, I will do it. Allah gave me a chance to do so in the form of WCF project.

I am really grateful to Allah for blessing me ability to perform the role to bring positive changes in the life of my gender. By starting this project, I am feeling excited and enthusiastic. I believe in positivity , good change and progress. I am looking forward to bringing change along with my team towards the path of peace and justice.

Board Of Directors

Ayesha Noor Iqbal

Shanzy Noor Iqbal

Nayha Noor Iqbal

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We are committed to provide sustenance to the most sensitive members of our society. We are working on Psychological, Social, recreational and Spiritual training and rehabilitation of our clients. Our aim is to support vulnerable groups of our society.

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